A special thank you from Dave, Patricia and David



There are a million different ways to say thank you, but the best is when it’s from your heart.

And that is exactly what our hearts are saying to you, the dedicated and loving Direct Support Professionals at LifePath. I’m 77, my wife Patricia is 73 and my son David is a LifePath resident. I’ve been working here at LifePath part time for the past 12 years and every day I get to see how much care goes into meeting all of David’s physical and emotional needs.

You see, the path that David and some of his friends follow is not always easy. It’s sometimes narrow and sometimes very wide, and, like all of us, David and his friends have their good days and bad days.

But unlike the rest of us, David and his friends can’t take care of themselves and must depend on Direct Support Professionals to get through every day – good or bad.

So, thank you for caring so deeply all of the time.

Thank you for working so hard for so little.

Thank you for staying up all night to make sure they are safe and secure.

Thank you for taking them to doctors and dentists.

Thank you for cooking healthy meals.

Thank you for wiping their tears and calming their fears.

Thank you for accepting as compensation the smiles on their faces, the sparkle in their eyes and the warmth of their hands.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Because what you do is worthwhile every day and in every way. Because each and every individual here at LifePath depends on your help and assistance to live a fulfilling life.

I know my son’s heart and know that if he could, he would reach out and also say thank you to those who care for him and his friends so passionately. But David is just not able to say thank you for himself, so I thank you for him – from all of his heart.

Put simply, you are David’s path of life.

Thank you,
Patricia Sierzega and Dave Sierzega, Production Manager at LifePath

written by Annette Kaiser